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Yang Style Tai Chi Comparison

A Comparative Study of Yang Styles

Read about the evolution of Yang Styles in Tai Chi from Yang Cheng Fu to Cheng Man Ching. Many American Yang style practitioners will recognize that their form has varied from the original. Some have overemphasized hidden applications, while others over emphasize the passive chi gung experience.

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13 Postures and 13 Principles in Tai Chi Chuan

The 13 Postures is the foundation of Tai Chi Chuan. The 13 principles must execute the mind, chi, and physical movement in one unit. These are the core foundations that support your tai chi.

8 Section Brocade Qigong

Eight Section Brocade Qigong

The eight section brocade promotes health and longevity for the young and old. An excellent addition to your daily regimen. Each of the 8 movements are related to the qi meridian and its associated internal organs such as the liver, stomach, spleen and heart. Because the exercises are so old you’ll find them under many names such as Eight Golden Treasure Brocade, Eight pieces of Silk, Eight Golden Exercises, Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade or Eight Section Silk Brocade.