Tai Chi and Qigong

Yang Simplified 24 Posture Short Form

The Yang style is the most common style that is practiced. This is due to it's continually slow pace throughout the form which differs from the Chen style below which has both slow and fast parts.

  1. T'ai Chi Beginning
  2. Wild Horse Parts Mane (3 times)
  3. White Crane Spreads it's Wings
  4. Brush Knee and Push (3 times)
  5. Play the Lute
  6. Repulse Monkey (4 times)
  7. Grasp the Swallow's Tail, Left
  8. Grasp the Swallow's Tail, Right
  9. Single Whip
  10. Cloud Hands
  11. Single Whip
  12. High Pat the Horse
  13. Heel Kick, Right
  14. Two Peaks Box Ears
  15. Heel Kick, Left
  16. Snake Creeps Down to Golden Cock stands on left leg
  17. Snake Creeps Down to Golden Cock stands on right leg
  18. Fair Lady Works the Shuttles (2 times)
  19. Needle at Sea Bottom
  20. Fan Through Back
  21. Turn and Chop with Fist
  22. Intercept and Punch
  23. Apparent Closing
  24. T'ai Chi Ending (Cross Hands)
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