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Yang Style Form Posture Study

Below is a chart that displays which posture is in each of the more popular Yang Style forms. There are many variations of the Yang Style which incorporate different postures from the 108 long form. I felt creating a chart would allow a T'ai Chi student to see which postures are included in each of the forms.

Abbreviations of the forms in the chart:

YT = Yang Style Traditional Long Form (103 postures)
YL = Yang Style Long Form (108 postures)
YE = Yang Style Extended Short Form
CH = Yang Style Short Form (Cheng Man Ch'ing 37 postures)
YC = Yang Style Competition Form (49 postures)
YS = Yang Style Simplified Form (24 postures)
Grasp the Sparrow's Tail
Brush Knee, Left
Brush Knee, Right
Single Whip
Lift Hands
Shoulder Strike
White Crane Spreads it's Wings
Play the Lute
Step Up, Block, Parry and Punch
Apparent Close-up
Cross Hands
Carry Tiger to Mountain
Fist Under Elbow
Repulse Monkey
Diagonal Flying
Needle at Sea Bottom
Fan Through the Back
White Snake Puts Out Tongue
Turn, Chop with Fist
Cloud Hands
High Pat Horse
Kick with Right Toe
Kick with Left Toe
Kick with Left Sole
Kick with Right Sole
Strike Tiger, Left Side
Strike Tiger, Right Side
Strike Opponent's Ears with Fists
Wild Horse Parts Mane
Fair Lady Works the Shuttles
Snake Creeps Down
Golden Cock Stands on One Leg, Left
Golden Cock Stands on One Leg, Right
Turn and Cross Kick
Step up, Punch downward
Step Up To Seven Stars
Retreat to Ride the Tiger
Turn Body Sweep Lotus Leg
Bend Bow and Shoot Tiger
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