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There are many Taiji styles that have been created and adapted over the years. Many believe that the Chen style is the originating form however there is no concrete evidence as to which style is the oldest. Some styles blend other styles to create their own.

Read about the history of Tai Chi here.

Yang Style Tai Chi

The Yang style is the most common style that is practiced. This is due to it's continually slow pace throughout the form which differs from the Chen style below which has both slow and fast parts.

History of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

Style trademarks:

  • Fingers are spread lightly through most of the postures
  • Rear foot is at 45 degrees during Bow stance which keeps you in a neutral position
  • All movements are slow, soft and circular
  • Hooks are loose and all fingers lightly touch the palm
  • Punches are relaxed and held loosely

Forms and Postures


Chen Style Tai Chi

The Chen style is said to be slightly more difficult to learn. It incorporates explosive power moves with softer moves that build up energy.

History of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan

Style trademarks:

  • Slow and fast pace
  • Low stance
  • Explosive Power
  • Fingers extend at a slight angle from hand
  • Circles and twists with varied pacing builds up energy

Forms and Postures

Wu Style Tai Chi

The Wu style has a more controlled, narrower stance. The rear foot faces foward, not at a 45 degree angle. The weight distribution is more evenly distributed.

History of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan

Style trademarks:

  • Fingers extend upwards and are loosely separated
  • More pronounced body lean than other styles
  • Rear foot faces forward in Bow stance
  • Narrower stance
  • Front knee bent and back knee relaxed

Forms and Postures

Sun Style Tai Chi

The Sun style is the youngest T'ai Chi form. Created by Sun Lutang, it has a high upright posture with compact movements and lively footwork.

History of Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan

Wu Yuxiang Style Tai Chi

The Wu Yuxiang style uses simple, quick, short range movements mostly involving opening and closing of the arms. A compact and powerful form with unusual hand positions and nifty footwork.

History of Wu Yuxiang Style Tai Chi Chuan

Style trademarks:

  • More compact
  • Excellent for strengthening the hips, legs, knees, ankles, and feet
  • Never extend the hands beyond the toes
  • Many closings and openings
  • Speed is comfortably paced

Fu Style Tai Chi

History of Fu Style Tai Chi Chuan

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